Flight of Salt:

Four guys playing rock music using two electric guitars, one electric bass and an assortment of drums. Expect big vocal harmonies and Americana-infused instrumental passages. Originals and deep cuts.



Rob Bullington

A founding member of the Hackensaw Boys, Rob retired from that old-time ensemble after 12 glorious years of the road -- playing shows with bands like Cake, Modest Mouse, The Flaming Lips, Charlie Louvin, Cheap Trick, The Black Crowes and Camper Van Beethoven in cities from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. After resting for a couple of weeks, Rob wrote some more songs and convinced his friend Ben to help him start Flight of Salt for the purpose of rocking. Sometimes Rob brings hot tea to practice.



Ben Pruett

After years of playing acoustic guitar and singing in RVA groups like the Kroges and Uncle Phugley, Ben was more than ready to put down his dreadnought and plug in his electric when Rob proposed they start a rock band. Unfortunately for Ben, the first Flight of Salt rehearsals were conducted using unplugged electric guitars. A dedicated hunter, Ben maintains an extensive selection of thermal outerwear and a quiver full of bad ass arrows. Ben provides all the venison jerky consumed at practice.


FoS biplane.jpg

Mike Clark

When Rob was looking for a musician to play bass in Flight of Salt, he was told that Mike Clark "has a bass and he rocks." With his bass ownership and rocking credentials thus established, Mike joined Rob and Ben in the practice shed. Shortly thereafter, the trio began plugging in their instruments and rocking in earnest. A songwriter, cigar box guitar luthier and gentleman of the highest caliber, Mike enjoys a smooth Genesee at practice after a rough day at work.



Brian Ahnmark

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter, Brian Ahnmark joined Flight of Salt as the band's drummer after the first two drummers followed women to inconveniently remote locations. Since then, Brian has increased the rocking factor of Flight of Salt by several powers of ten.  He is occasionally mistaken for the bass player in the Spin Doctors, but, unlike Mark White, Brian is from Ohio. An expert on cider, Brian has never been seen drinking cider at practice.